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1 Ҥ 200 ҷ (ҧ 5 cm. 1 meter)

ᶺз͹ʧ鵡ҹ˹ з͹ʧ ѹӡѹ ҡҹ 10 䫹੾СèҨ з͹ ͪöͧѴਹдش Ŵ§ҡغѵ˵ҡҧ׹ ෻ٻ跹ҹ Դ駧 Ǵ з͹ʧ

High Intensity Grade Vehicle Marking Tape

200bht / 1 meter

Is a kind of reflective material which has outstanding retro reflectionfunction and weathering resistance, developed according to Reflective Signalfor Car Body and Warn Signal For Road Transportation and Dangerous ChemicalsVehicles of The Ministry Of Public Security.Feature: The product is in accordance with Reflective Signal for vehicleBody, Warn Signal for Road Transportation and Dangerous Chemicals Vehicle ofThe Ministry of Public Security.Application: It is used as reflective signal for the body of vehicles andwarn signals for transportation vehicle for dangerous products.

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